6 Ways to Stop Your Cravings by "Kiss The Spoon"

6 Ways to Stop Your Cravings by "Kiss The Spoon"

Do you feel hungry all time? 
A hungry body is telling you something so respond with kindness. Further deprivation and energy depletion will make you even more hungry because you will operate in survival mode, which means stress hormones will rise! This will not help you reach your health goals. So here are 6 tips to add to your health and diet routine to help you beat your cravings for good:
  1. Include fat in your meals and some energy-dense food: yoghurt, avocado, beans, banana toast with nut butter.
Fat is essential. It not only helps the body to absorb the vitamins and minerals in food (hence nourishing you and satisfying your hunger), but it will also slow down the process of emptying the stomach which allows you to remain full for a longer period of time. Avocado can be added to toasts or in smoothies, yoghurt can be enjoyed with fruit, in smoothies or as a side salad with mint and cucumber.
Energy dense food such as chickpeas, lentils and beans are super great! They’re rich in fiber, protein and slow-releasing carbs. This means sustainable energy!! Mega win!
Nut butters are an easy and fun way to add fat and little protein to your diet. Adding fruits and banana will make you enjoy what you eat and will definitely not leave you empty. Banana nutrition includes tryptophan which is used in producing the happy hormone, serotonin. So it can help you cope with stress, if that’s a reason behind your hunger
  1. Go to bed early: Yes you know that, but probably do not apply it! Please do! Rest is underestimated yet is so powerful to reset your body normally. One hour before bed, try to stay away from any phone or TV screen in order not to disrupt your sleep hormones with the blue light from the devices. Remember a tired body will remain depleted and hungry, so sleep, sleep, sleep.
  1. One minute belly breathing and herbal tea. This will help in giving you a moment of Zen. When you are hungry, you tend to become agitated and make hasty decisions. This little exercise might probably help you understand what you’re really feeling, whether it is hunger or something else?!
  1. Switch to a gentle workout: Think yoga, Pilates, gentle body weight workouts. Constant HIIT and rope jumping workouts can keep your adrenaline pumping all the time, if you don’t properly slow down later. So these intense workouts can add stress to stress. Make sure you always balance them out with low impact and gentle workouts. 
  1. Check your vitamins and mineral levels to make sure they are normal. Again, a depleted body will remain hungry. So it is key you consult your doctor and do some tests if your cravings are constant. 
  1. You might be craving other things in life: Food is not your only comfort. If you don’t do things you love, you will seek pleasure in things that are easier to reach, such as food! You might be hungry for things you enjoy, like spending Sunday out with friends somewhere new, giving time to your hobby, inserting some little self-care time during the day. Think of the things you neglected and come back to them then observe how your cravings will change.
Remember, a hungry body is telling you something so respond with kindness. So much love to you!
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