Emotional Eating by Tania Koujou

Emotional Eating by Tania Koujou

Ask yourself these questions if you are an emotional eater and need positive support.

  • Am I unhappy and stressed? Regardless of the kind of stress you’re facing, your body will react the same and perceive the stress as a need to refuel yourself with food; your body thinks it needs food to survive. Therefore, it is hard to control your cravings when you are stressed.

  • Am I always dieting? Dieting makes food scarce and this will make you think more of food. Again, your body fears the disappearance of food and will make you want food. On the long run, you might start to confuse between you really wanting food or not

  • Am I being impulsive in my behaviors? Very often, we react versus respond. When we take our time to understand what kind of food we really need and take the time in making it and having it, we become more rational and take the decisions that will make us feel better

  • Do I constantly use food to reward myself? Food is an easy escape from a certain kind of pain. Instead of facing this latter and healing it, we go for the more easier solution which is food. But once the hunger is fulfilled, the reward seems pointless because we are still not rewarded. The pain is still there. So be honest about what it is that you need in your life?

  • Do I have a high esteem about myself? When we love ourselves, we take better decisions that make us feel good versus punishing ourselves thinking we are useless and don’t deserve feeling nor looking good

  • Do I need this? Again, be honest here.

  • Am I aware of my big desires in life? Our big cravings in life are related to things beyond food, so make sure to fulfill those as well and reflect on the,

  • Am I taking deep conscious breaths during the day? Breathing grounds you and helps you connect to the inner voice in you. If you are always all over the place and not catching a moment to connect to your inner peace, the same thing will happen with you and food. Your food behaviors and eating style will be almost all over the place.

I hope these questions become a guide for you, and I encourage anyone struggling right now to sit and write their answers. The answers will be super clear to you when you write!

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