Great carbs that are not just carbs by Tania Koujou

Great carbs that are not just carbs by Tania Koujou


Not All Carbs Are Just Carbs

The benefits of Good Carbs:

Sweet potatoes: 

They are not only rich in fiber and probiotics that stimulate the growth of existing good bacteria but also rich in carotenoids that help in lowering any inflammation in the body as you want your body in a peaceful state versus thinking it is under attack (inflammation). They are also bloat friendly. Balanced blood sugar



It is the richest carb in protein and contains the complete chain of amino acids which are the building blocks of protein. It also has a low glycemic-index making it safe for those with blood sugar problems



Rich in protein and helps in lowering cholesterol and keeping the blood sugar steady. help keep blood sugar levels steady to prevent spikes and crashes after meals. Fiber helps slow the absorption of sugar in the body to maintain normal blood sugar levels and deliver a steady stream of fuel to the cell. Oats also contain soluble fiber which promote regularity.

Wheat bran: 


Excellent source of insoluble fiber that keeps things moving in your stomach and helps in bowel emptying. Also that outer layer of the wheat is highly nutritious

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