How To Control Your Cravings By Tania Koujou

How To Control Your Cravings By Tania Koujou

Do you ever get the uncontrollable urge to eat something sweet and sugary right after a meal or randomly during the day? Do you ever feel a sudden urge to eat anything and everything you can find at home? We can relate. How can you regulate your cravings? Well, fighting them is not the best solution. Here’s an expert opinion with a few tricks to satisfy your cravings while enjoying your food with no guilt and staying mindful of your body.

What are cravings?

First things first, cravings, whether salty or sweet, are an uncontrollable desire for food. When your body does not consume enough calories during the day, it will demand energy. The fastest way to get that energy? Processed foods. Processed foods contain high quantities of sugar. Sugar tastes good and releases endorphins that relax the body while giving you a natural high. Every time you reward yourself with snacks after each urge, you are enforcing bad habits that will lead to more cravings in the future.

Why do cravings happen?

Each body is different, but some practices affect all of us the same way. The main reason you keep getting the urge to eat the entire fridge is that you are not eating enough to fuel your body. Just like a car needs gas to run, your body needs its calories. If you starve yourself in the morning, in the afternoon, the cravings will hit hard. For example, lack of magnesium in your diet leads to bad sleeping patterns, even insomnia. In turn, your body will ask for sugar for a boost of energy to be able to get through the day.

The opposite is true, eating too much of the wrong thing also is a cause of cravings. If you buy only salty snacks thinking that this will help control your sugar cravings, we’re sorry to tell you, but you’re wrong. The more salty food you eat, the bigger your cravings. So when eating out, skip the fries, so later you’ll skip the cookies.

The best solution is to have a well-balanced diet.

Tips to cope with your cravings

Did we say uncontrollable? Cravings are easy to control, and here are four tips to regulate them from an expert’s opinion!

Change your environment

When your cravings happen, you will usually feel anxious and overwhelmed. You’re going to want to eat everything in the fridge and the pantry! A change of environment, in this case, can do wonders to calm you down. So, instead of sticking your head in the fridge or standing around in the kitchen, take that piece of cake you’ve been eyeing and sit down at the dinner table.

Fix your posture

Have you ever noticed that when you’re binge eating or emotional eating, you are hunched over or in a position where you’re wrapped around yourself closed to the world? When you are like that, the cravings win. They are controlling you and not vice versa. Now, after you sit down at the dinner table, open your chest, engage your core, and relax your shoulders. You will feel more grounded and in control of your surroundings. You will feel like you have the upper hand over your cravings. From then on, you will act from a place of self-love and self-interest by becoming mindful of your body.

Drink tea

Do not underestimate the power of tea! The heat emanating from the mug stimulates your tactile senses while the drink cleanses your palette. Because tea is hot, you have to slow down while drinking which will help you tone down your urges. Then, after you’re done with your tea, you will be able to taste every bite more strongly than before, especially when it comes to sweets because when you are binge eating, your purpose is not to enjoy the food but to fill your stomach without any thought or consideration.

Eat slowly

Just as the title says: slow down. Take your time between every bite and enjoy the experience of eating while listening to the cues your body is giving you. Are you still hungry? Eat. Are you full? Then it’s time to stop. Eating should be a pleasant and fun experience for your mind and your body! 

If you tried these techniques or have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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