Pilates With Kareen Jaber & Tamara Quaddoumi

Pilates With Kareen Jaber & Tamara Quaddoumi

Kareen Jaber and Tamara Quaddoumi joined our Wellness Wednesday on Instagram Live on March 20th, 2021 to talk about pilates.

Kareen Jaber is a Fitness Instructor and Hormone Health Coach. Tamara Quaddoumi is a Holistic Hormonal Health Coach and a PCOS & Mercury Poisoning Healer.

All the questions asked during the Live session are answered below. Let’s have a look!

Q: What is Pilates?

A: It is a fundamental form of exercise created by a man called Joseph Pilates. It was primarily used to rehabilitate survivors of war suffering from trauma and injuries. Pilates was created so they can regain their strength and have a normal life again. It has come a long way since then. Today, a lot of people use pilates as a building block for their fitness. Pilates is a low-impact form of exercise meant to strengthen muscles in order to allow the person to climb the ladder of fitness more easily. Low-impact exercise keeps your joints and muscles safe from wear and tear.

Q: What are the five core principles of Pilates?

A: The five core principles are:

  • Breathing

Breathing is important in the Pilates method. Joseph Pilates saw considerable value in increasing the intake of oxygen and the circulation of this oxygenated blood to every part of the body. This he saw as cleansing and invigorating.

  • Concentration

Pilates demands intense focus, the way that exercises are done is more important than the exercises themselves.

  • Core

The center is the focal point of the Pilates method. Many Pilates teachers refer to the group of muscles in the center of the body—encompassing the abdomen, lower and upper back, hips, buttocks, and inner thighs—as the "powerhouse". All movement in Pilates should begin from the center and move outward to the limbs.

  • Alignment

Using correct posture while doing Pilates exercises improves safety by correcting muscle imbalances and optimizing coordination.

  • Control

"Contrology" was Joseph Pilates' preferred name for his method, and it was based on the idea of muscle control. All exercises are done with control, the muscles working to lift against gravity and the resistance of the springs and thereby control the movement of the body and the apparatus.

Q: What is the difference between Pilates and Lagree?

A: Although Lagree was first named “Pilates Plus” when Sebastien Lagree founded his company, he soon realized that the style of exercise he offered, which focuses on high-intensity bodybuilding techniques and low impact movements, was nothing close to that provided in Pilates, which focuses on rehabilitation through stretching bigger muscles and strengthening smaller muscles.

At that point, Sebastien realized a clear distinction between Lagree and Pilates was necessary, causing him to rename his style “Lagree.” Now, various factors distinguish Lagree as a one-of-a-kind exercise.

Q: What are the five core principles of Lagree?

A: The five core principles are:

  • Form 
  • Range of motion 
  • Resistance 
  • Duration 
  • Tempo

Lagree adds to Pilates three key things: cardio, endurance, and strength.

Classical Pilates means using a yoga mat, a chair, or a reformer while Lagree is a more dynamic form of exercise because you use the machine. 

Q: What is the mega former machine?

A: A Mega former is a fitness machine with a moving platform and springs for resistance that is used for Lagree Method workouts. This unique training machine is designed for all fitness levels, ages, and body types. Traditionally, the Mega former is used in a class environment, so it is built for heavy usage and provides many features and technology that are beneficial for fast-paced workouts.

If you’re interested in more fitness lessons and hormone therapy advice, check out Kareen’s and Tamara’s Instagram pages @kayjwellness & @thetalkingbirdy!

That’s all folks! Thank you for joining us for this session and thank you to Kareen Jaber and Tamara Quaddoumi for this valuable information. Stay tuned for more Wellness Wednesdays to come.

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