The Secrets of Argan Oil

The Secrets of Argan Oil

If you have heard the word argan, it must have been in the context of beauty or skincare. Argan oil has made its way into the wellness world due to its high content of Vitamin E, soothing effect on the skin, and rich texture which can be applied to the hair, skin and even mixed into cooking oils. It comes from the Argan tree fruit kernel in a small village in Morocco called Argana. It’s been part of the culture in Morocco since 1550 B.C. The beauty of Moroccan women is said to come from the frequent use of this gold oil on their hairs, nails, skin and face. It was also used for treating eczemas, wrinkles, hair loss and psoriasis.

Let’s take a quick look at what Argan can do for us:

· High content of Antioxidants: meaning it can reduce the effect of free radicals and the negative effect they can bring to our cells. This can be translated to less risk of developing diseases such as Parkinson’s, cancer and Alzheimer’s.

· Makes your skin healthy: it can increase the skin’s hydration and elasticity, meaning it keeps it young. It also has the potential to prevent stretch marks, prevent skin discoloration, and even help manage oily skin and treat acne.

· Anti-inflammatory capacity: one study focuses on how argan oil can relieve liver inflammation, but other research has found it can also help skin inflammation.

· Improves heart health: consuming argan oil can decrease LDL or ‘bad’ cholesterol, which in turn will decrease the risk of heart attack and other cardiovascular diseases.

· Can fight cancer: multiple studies used argan oil to treat cancer and they all showed a decrease in cancerous cell growth to some extent.

· Diabetes: argan’s antioxidant capacity can help resolve insulin resistance thus reduce the probability of developing diabetes.

· Hair: argan’s texture is very oily and it can bring glossiness and substance to a frizzy and dry hair. Researchers measured and found how it could prevent dryness in people who received a coloring treatment in their hair, and argan was very benefitial. It protects hair, prevents hair loss and promotes hair glow too.

Being an exclusively Moroccan product, Argan oil prices can be high. Nonetheless, there are many products that contain argan and you can still reap the benefits for your skin, hair and body from these.

Popular ways you can find argan:

  • Hair products: shampoos, conditioners, hairmasks, serum, treatments
  • Creams for the skin: mixed with other hydrating ingredients
  • Sun screen and after sun lotion
  • Pure oil
  • Mixed with other oils: hibiscus oil, sesame oil, grape oil and others
  • Rarely, and separate from cosmetic argan it can be used for cooking: it does not heat well so it is mostly used for drizzling or dressings on top
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