Aromatherapy With The Talking Birdy

Aromatherapy With The Talking Birdy

This is a special on the Perks of Aromatherapy and the benefits of Potion Kitchen's Essential Oils!

Potion Kitchen uses superfoods & plant based ingredients in order to aid physical & psychological effects by reintroducing elements of nature through smell & skin absorption. 

Post Kilimanjaro summit, my ankles were swollen up for days. After having my feet carry me for an entire week then flying back for 20 hours, I grew quite the sexy kankles. A few drops of the Peppermint essential oil combined with a massaging ointment was the only cooling remedy which was able to take down my swelling instantly!⠀

The wonders & benefits of Peppermint: Refreshing | Cooling | Warming 🌿⠀

  • Stimulates analgesic properties which make it an effective remedy for neuralgia, muscular pains & headaches.⠀
  • First class antiseptic.⠀
  • Fights odor, soothes skin, relieves hives of skin allergies.⠀
  • Eases digestive upsets (travel sickness, nausea & good for herpes virus)⠀
  • Fight cold symptoms⠀
  • Soothes bites & stings⠀
  • Relieves headaches⠀ 

The wonders & benefits of Lavender: Calming| Skin Healer | Promotes Sleep⠀

My nightly routine has won over my day merely because I drench myself in lavender dreams before bed. Why Lavender?⠀

  • Holds rejuvenating & soothing effects for skin treatment.⠀
  • Acts as painkiller⠀
  • Acts as antiseptic for wounds ulcers & sores⠀
  • Antibacterial & anti-inflammatory⠀
  • Great deodorant or room spray⠀
  • Eases sinus, congestions, breathing & coughs⠀

Best Uses:

  • Bath or shower oil⠀
  • Massage oil⠀
  • Wrist Rub before bed⠀
  • Dilute with water & spray over bedsheets!⠀
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