Biosterile Review By Tamara Qaddoumi

Biosterile Review By Tamara Qaddoumi

Health Coach Tamara Qaddoumi always advises and shares the benefits of switching from commercial products to clean natural products. Her latest discovery is BioSterile. She’s been using their product for a while now, and it’s time for a review! Is it a yay or a nay from Tamara? Let’s find out.

Who is BioSterile?

Are you familiar with BioSterile? If not, here’s a quick introduction. 

BioSterile is a Lebanese brand relying on natural ingredients and components for its cleaning and disinfecting products. BioSterile products do not contain alcohol, bleach, or any harmful chemicals. Due to that, BioSterile is a cheaper solution to your cleaning or sanitizing needs since added chemicals and perfumes are expensive. They are also harmful to the environment and aid in further polluting our planet Earth. BioSterile is an eco-friendly brand and a green cleaning solution. 

And now, on to Tamara’s review!

Review of BioSterile Natural Disinfectant

Tamara loves it! She urges you to make the switch as soon as possible for your personal benefit and the benefit of your partner, children, and even pets.

Whenever the topic of health is brought up, we tend to focus on what we are eating, what we are applying to our skin, and exercise. However, Tamara reminds us that the physical space in which we live affects our health also. Health is a lifelong journey, and we have to treat our homes as we do our bodies. We do not have control over climate change and corporate pollution, but we can control what we welcome into our home from food to products.

For as long as we can remember when using commercial cleaning products, we are advised to breathe as little as possible to avoid inhaling toxic fumes like bleach and ammonia. We are also advised to wear thick gloves to avoid touching harmful chemicals with our bare hands to limit the risk of rashes, asthma, allergies, and diseases. 

Once you decide to do the switch, you will have to recondition your brain to understand what “clean” means. We’re used to smelling perfumes and alcohol when wiping down our desks, for example, and that smell indicates that the desk is clean. BioSterile does not have any added perfumes but will do the job of cleaning your desk better because it is safer.

In the long run, you will start breathing better as will your children and pets. Thankfully, or maybe, unfortunately, adults are more immune to bacteria since they have been exposed to them for a while. The same cannot be said about children or pets.

Our body and brain quickly adapt to new situations, so when you intend to switch to natural cleaning products, buy one bottle first and get used to the smell and way of use. When you catch yourself thinking that the surfaces are clean, you are officially used to natural products. You can purchase more with no worry in the world. You are safe, clean, and a friend to the environment!

More Natural Products By BioSterile

BioSterile has a wide range of natural products to fit your every need. Have a quick look!

BioSterile Childcare 

BioSterile Childcare is dedicated to infant rooms, feeding products, toys, and objects. It is an all-purpose bio-based chemical-free sanitizer. This product kills 99.9% of germs. It is safer than alcohol or chlorine for your kids.  

Regular Disinfectant

BioSterile uses natural ingredients to fight against all bacteria and viruses. BioSterile protects your living and working environments without any toxic chemicals. 

Vegetable Cleaning

A food-grade sprayer that can be used to clean all types of products including fruits, vegetables, and even raw meat! It is non-toxic and naturally kills bacteria, pesticides, and viruses off of food. And, of course, it is 100% natural and bio-based.

Alcohol-free Hand Sanitizer

A recent study showed the importance of nostril sanitization to block coronavirus before allowing it to spread into the lungs. BioSterile Hand Sanitizer can be used to sanitize your nostrils. Just spray in front of your face and inhale. BioSterile does not contain any alcohol; thus, it is completely safe to use around the nostril area and will not harm your skin like other hand sanitizers do because it is alcohol-free. It also rids you of harmful bacteria instead of killing off good and bad bacteria like commercial hand sanitizers. 

Health Coach Tamara Qaddoumi is really happy with BioSterile Natural Disinfectant, and we hope you are too. You can purchase yours from the Mint Basil Market website.

If you tried this brand or have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to us!

Check out Biosterile collection below and shop your favorite.

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