Healthy Travel Tips

Healthy Travel Tips

Stay Energized and Healthy While Traveling!

I’ve done my fair share of travel and I know first hand that unhealthy habits can leave you feeling sick, bloated and exhausted during an otherwise relaxing vacation. Here are some quick easy ways to stay healthy and energized even when you’re traveling and on the go!

  1. Stay hydrated! I drink easily 2 liters of water the day I travel. Whether you’re on an airplane or driving long distances, dehydration will drain your energy, leaving you too exhausted to function upon arrival. Drinking Moringa or Matcha tea will also give you a hydrating energy boost and are loaded with antioxidants.
  2. Pack snacks! Airplane food and fast food on the road is the number one way to kill your energy. Loaded with preservatives, they will leave you feeling bloated and nauseous. Yuck! Stick to snacks that are easy to carry, protein-rich and easily digestible. Check out Mint Basil Market for healthy snack inspiration!
  3. Refresh Your Skin! Traveling and sun can leave your skin dry and tired. Use all natural skincare products to keep your skin hydrated and refreshed. Lavender, jojoba and eucalyptus oils are my personal favorites in any beauty product I take while traveling. Choose from any of our all-natural skin care brands including Beesline, Potion Kitchen, Najel and Kernel.
  4. Move move move! Even when you’re on a plane, moving your body every hour is key to keep your energy and blood flow moving! Look for hotels with small gyms, or get out and explore your city on a run or bike ride. Instead of taking a cab, walk and explore the new place you’re in.

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