Healthy Pets by Dr. Maya Tabet

Healthy Pets by Dr. Maya Tabet


Since we are all stuck at home, it is normal for us to be snacking more and of course giving our pets more snacks too. But it is very important to provide our pets with healthy snacks to maintain their health.

Below are few tips to follow, in order to maintain their health the right way:

- Read the labels to make sure the ingredients are clean and do not contain a lot of preservative and additives.

- Look for the fat content, as most treat companies are adding fat to their treats in order to have more tasteful flavors leaving side effects that may affect the health of our pets.

Look out for the size of the treat you are providing to your pet as it is very important to know which size is more appropriate to your pet. Big sized treats might lead to shocking of puppies.

- Always make sure to incorporate the calories you are giving to your pet into his overall calories intake so they do not face obesity.

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