How to ease constipation by Tania Koujou

How to ease constipation by Tania Koujou

If you do the below 5 guidelines everyday, you should start noticing a relief in the next 2-3 days. Commit to them with joy and the intention to eliminate what doesn’t belong to your body.

- Eat more fiber: Fiber is what make things move in your body and out. Increasing both types, soluble and insoluble, can make things much more comfortable.

Soluble fiber is what becomes a gel in your digestive tract. It is found in oats, avocado, sweet potato, black beans, apples, carrots, peas. If the stool has become very hard, you might need to soften it by having soluble fiber. 

Insoluble fiber is the kind of fiber that does not swell up when mixed with water. It remains unchanged as your body doesn’t break it down. It is more suitable in case of constipation. Insoluble fiber is found in veggies such as cauliflower, green beans, wheat bran, whole wheat, nuts. Have a balance of both because too much insoluble can be irritating and can aggravate any existing bloat.

- Do daily brisk walks, 30 min at least. Walking helps a lot with gut mobility and with gentle muscle contraction, moving the food to the bottom and out. 

- Boil fresh mint and ginger, sip all day: This is effective in giving your digestion a push and easing any bloat that is the result of not going to the toilet and eliminating the toxins

- Drink more water for a more effective fiber: If you’re bothered with your digestion, it is time to take this step more seriously.

There is no use of eating more fiber to improve your digestion if you’re not drinking enough water. The fiber is useless if you’re dehydrated. However, with water, it swells up and becomes effective in the gut transit. Drink until your urine color becomes clear, that’s a good indicator, easy!

- Try calming essential oils and deep breathing exercises: An anxious mind will not help a constipated gut. Stress does not allow optimal blood circulation for an effective digestion and bowel evacuation. Check with an aromatherapist a blend that works for you and how to use them. Usually, lavender is very relaxing and can put you into sleep and a relaxed mood. For a constipation relief, fennel, rosemary and peppermint oils are very effective. Also, don’t forget to schedule with yourself a couple of minutes throughout the day, where you just breathe deeply. This is the best massage for your internal organs.

I hope this mini guide helps you and makes you feel better.

Happy bowel evacuation! 

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