How to Use Essential Oils for Meditation and Relaxation

How to Use Essential Oils for Meditation and Relaxation

Proper use of lavender essential oils during meditation can enhance the experience by grounding us and promoting a sense of calmness.. It’s a must-have in your meditation space as it can help us relax and de-stress!!

When lavender oil is incorporated into the practice of meditation, it can help to center and focus the mind as they help eliminate or reduce negative energy and self-talk from the body and mind by encouraging insightful, elevating feelings of positivity, determination, optimism, gratitude, and self-respect.

When meditating, I personally prefer using a candle diffuser to diffuse my selected meditation essential oil blend, but other types of diffusers can be used; such as:

Tissue Diffusion – This is the easiest method and can be done almost anywhere, including in public spaces like an office. Take a tissue and add a few drops of your essential oil. Set the tissue somewhere nearby. As air moves around you, the scent will waft in the air.

Steam Diffusers – This style of essential oil diffuser is becoming more and more popular lately. Think of it like a humidifier that disperses the therapeutic aroma of essential oils. They are great if you want to use essential oils at night while you sleep.

The choice of how to use essential oils for meditation is up to you. It may vary by the day or the intention you’re focused on during your meditation. Feel free to experiment, not only with different types of oils but also with different ways of diffusion and applications. 

If you are applying the oils directly to your body, you should make sure to dilute the oils first and apply to the hands or wrists. 

While lavender is primarily used for meditation, other oils can provide different benefits when diffused such as: 

Eucalyptus oil provides soothing feeling before bedtime and promotes good sleep

Peppermint Oil can be used to improve concentration and focus 

Sweet Orange oil can be used to reduce anxiety, worrying and create uplifting feelings

Lemongrass oil provides soothing effects, promotes alertness and alleviates mental fatigue.



Sharon Ghanime is a registered 500hrs Yoga teacher and practitioner since 2010.
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