Love Makeup? This App Will Change Your Life

Love Makeup? This App Will Change Your Life


Love Makeup? This App will change your life! 

With skin being our largest organ we don’t really think twice about it unless were looking at our face.

Changing your way of eating is a great start to your journey of being health conscious, but are we aware of what our skin is eating when we apply our makeup routine?

Honestly most products I personally use are 90% organic. It has done wonders for my acne & overall health. BUT, there are some products I’m still finding difficult to abandon such as my NARS blush which I’m finding hard to replace until I came across the Think Dirty app!! The Think Dirty App helps scan all your beauty products to see what ingredients are being used & how toxic they are from a scale of 1-10. It warns your by listing all hormone disruptors, carcinogens & harmful side effects which lie in your products. Once it exceeds 5, I’ve decided to throw it away. There is no product worth disease.

I’m currently loving Avril Cosmetic's selection & best part it’s guilt free! I ask you to have the knowledge, be aware of it & make your decision. 


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