How To Maintain Your Health During Times Of Revolution

How To Maintain Your Health During Times Of Revolution

We can still care for our country, while still caring for ourselves.

Self-care seems to be perceived as a selfish thing that is super indulgent. When you hear that word, you probably imagine yourself in a tub of Epsom Salt bath with lavender candles and a breathtaking view. If that's what it is, then that is a huge stressing requirement!

Self-care doesn't have to be extreme and we can approach it softly and holistically by looking at different areas in our life: nutrition, physical activity, social connection, rest, and hobbies. Below, we give you 5 easy self-care ideas. You don't need to do them all, just pick what feels easy to incorporate, no stress!
  • Nutrition: Enjoy experimenting with new nourishing recipes and actually doing the shopping yourself. Enjoy the browsing and let those creative juices flow (Hint to Mint Basil ;) )
  • Physical activity: Give a new gym a call and go for a free trial. They will be very glad to offer that and you never know, It might be the start of a rewarding membership.
  • Social connection: Have a walk with a friend then go have a nice juice or cake
  • Rest: Take a half day off from work and spend the day walking in the city and exploring the old houses or antique shops. Let your eyes explore new sights
  • Hobbies: Pick one and only one activity you want to do this week. Something that gives you a boost of confidence and happiness.  
Always go back to your intention and remind yourself that you are taking care of yourself in order to preserve that spark inside you and be able to give back to your Lebanese community.

Tania from @kissthespoon is a health revolutionizer working on the feel-good movement, built on 3 principles: Simple, balanced and exciting! 
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