4 Healthy Tips To Make Back To School A Breeze

4 Healthy Tips To Make Back To School A Breeze


Still wishing you could be on the beach soaking up the sun and playing water games with the kids? While summer makes the days blissfully blend together, there is nothing like Back to School to jolt you back into routine and reality. But instead of stressing, here’s a few tips and tricks to not only help prepare you and your children for back to school easier, but keeping it healthy and balanced at the same time. 

Meal Plan/Prep with your Children: Especially lunches and snacks. You can premake lunches and chop fruits and veggies with your children the night before so they can feel like they played a part in deciding the healthy choices and food they are eating and sharing with their friends. Always need to avoid nuts as well! Here’s a few lunch idea recipes to get you started:

  1. When sandwiches get boring try this easy to make and easy to store overnight Middle Eastern Spiced Salad by Tania Koujou. 
  2. The perfect snack with Super Healthy Homemade Chia Brittle and Goat Cheese. 
  3. This healthy homemade Buckwheat Wrap with Beetroot Hummus by Chef Sally Jane: 

Engage your children in making these recipes and you’d be surprised how excited they’ll be for lunch!

More lunch box ideas coming your way this week….

Organic Fruits and Veggies for snacks! Get organic fruits and veggies for the week. They always make a great snack for children, and make sure your children have enough vitamin C from organic oranges and carrots can help fight off the potential viruses and bacteria they will inevitably encounter at school. Check out our new Fresh section of certified organic fruits and veggies to get yours delivered!

Stock up on Easy Snacks! Cause let’s be real, your kids aren’t going to just want fruits and veggies. Luckily there are tons of healthy options for them to choose from. Make sure to stock up! Check out our Back to School Section for tons of options. Some of our favorite brands to shop from:

  1. Tricker Treat
  2. TAQA 
  3. Bites of Delight
  4. Jardin Bio

Get Good Sleep: The anxiety of managing your child’s calendar and getting them adjusted to a new routine will definitely get your sleep patterns off track. For you to stay sane through the hectic school days, here’s a few tips from Christina Zakhem to get quality sleep you need through those busy days. 


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