Savvy Element Skincare Line Review By Tamara Quaddoumi

Savvy Element Skincare Line Review By Tamara Quaddoumi

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Savvy Element are on a journey redefining honest, ethical, and sustainable skincare. Certified Holistic Health Coach and Mint Basil Expert Tamara Quaddoumi reviews some of Savvy Element's most popular skincare products and shows you how to use these safe and "green" self-care products to truly elevate your skin.


Savvy Element N˚72 Micellar Cleanser

A micellar water cleanser applied to your face, eyes, and lips with a cotton pad, or even better, a reusable cloth. It gently cleanses your skin and removes all the dirt buildup from the day. With lemon balm, rose, and cucumber extracts, it purifies the skin in just one step. 

Gentle on your skin, yet tough on dead cells and dirt.

Savvy Element N˚1 Mineral Sunscreen

This mineral sunscreen's active ingredients come from naturally occurring minerals - Zinc Oxide in this case. These substances are natural, harmless, and commonly extracted from Earth’s magmatic rocks. In principle, mineral sunscreens act as a physical barrier between the skin and incoming UV rays. They are not absorbed by the skin, preventing trace amounts from dripping into the bloodstream. 

Savvy Element N˚63 Face Cream

A face cream suitable for dry skin rich in powerful active ingredients like Arginine/Lysine Polypeptide, Hyaluronic Acid, and AHA that stimulate collagen production in the skin, improve its elasticity and texture, and reduce visible signs of aging.

FYI - Your neck is also part of your skin routine!

Savvy Element N˚84 Face Serum

A powerful antioxidant-packed serum to visibly hydrate the skin and protect it against fine lines and wrinkles. Saffron-based, highly concentrated, and packed with hyaluronic acid, algae extracts, olive squalene, and Hô wood extracts, known for their powerful antioxidant properties and action against wrinkles.

Keeps your skin elastic and wrinkle-free!


Safe and green self-care products that truly elevate your skin day-to-day.

Savvy Element are on a mission to make honest, ethical, and sustainable products the norm. They want people to truly understand what they’re letting into their skins, their homes, their lungs and water; to fully grasp the impact each of us can have on our planet. That is why their products are designed to include  only ethically-sourced biodegradable ingredients that nurture you, your space, and the environment.


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