Self Love Hobbies By Tamara Quaddoumi

Self Love Hobbies By Tamara Quaddoumi

February is a month of love, but how often do you nourish your relationship with yourself? Tamara Quaddoumi shares her five hobbies that will help you uncover your dharma or your sense of purpose in this life. They also help live a well-rounded and full life.

Besides helping you beat boredom and feel happy, hobbies will help you build your confidence and self-esteem. Running the race of life and taking care of mundane things often makes everyone feel tired and sapped of all energy. In these times, your hobbies can become your savior.

Let’s check out Tamara’s go-to hobbies!

Explore a creative hobby.

A hobby that you can pursue in a relaxed and non-competitive environment opens up the creative windows of your mind. You can give the usual writing, poetry, drawing, or learning how to play music a try or you could go for unconventional creative hobbies such as embroidery for example. These activities help with brain function and emotional expression.

Explore social circles.

Hobbies bring you into contact with like-minded people and may involve meeting and even working with others who share your interests. This network of new friends can really motivate you and support you to express yourself and cooperate in new ways. The social aspect, depending on the hobby, may also be a real help in boosting your self-esteem.

Sharing your hobby and your adventures in it can add to your friendships as you become a source of additional interest and knowledge. Perhaps you can even introduce your passion to someone else. That would be very satisfying and intensify the bond you have with that person.

Explore staying in shape.

As humans, we are not meant to stay cooped up inside. We are supposed to go out into the sun adn explore the wonders of the Earth. In the short-term, exercise has been shown to enhance our mood and influence our minds toward adopting more positive thoughts. In the long-term, physical exercise can improve our confidence by making us feel good about our physique and abilities. Working out should be considered as a different form of meditating, not as punishment.

Explore new subjects to learn.

The more you learn and evolve, the better you’re able to navigate life’s challenges. While any new hobby could teach you something, consider looking at those that will help you improve yourself in some way. Increasing your knowledge in areas you are interested in will put a halt to media provided by others and will increase your confidence in yourself the more you learn. One hobby you can adopt is learning a new language. The benefits of learning new languages are multifold – from enhancing communication skills in different languages to giving perception and overall smartness a boost and preventing dementia.

Explore a hobby that makes you money.

We usually use hobbies them to pass the time, develop skills, and make friends. But did you know the potential to make extra cash with them is enormous? Hobbies that make money are a great way to help set yourself up financially or have an extra income other than your 9-5 job.

Maybe you think that you don't have skills or hobbies that would make an income. But almost anything can bring in cash if you get creative and don't give up. Whatever you enjoy - from organizing closets to driving your car - can be an opportunity.

Life was meant to be so much more than just surviving. If you feel as if your life is missing something, perhaps what’s missing is something that brings you joy. Hobbies can be very instrumental in helping you to find passion and purpose. To find something that best suits you, remember to consider the purpose. Then, with your best intentions, go out there and try new things until you find the activity that brings you the most joy.

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