Our Immune System by Clara Chammas

Our Immune System by Clara Chammas

The immune system is our defense mechanism that is made of cells of proteins and antibodies, they are our soldiers or army that defend us from diseases. It is crucial to have a strong immune system that will protect us from diseases.

Getting sick easily or catching colds is often a sign of a weak immune system. Signs of a weak immune system include high levels of stress, common infections, herpes, fatigue, joint pain, gut problems like bloating and IBS.

People with auto immune diseases, cancer, diabetes etc. also have a weak immune system and it is very important to boost it. 

A lot of factors play an important role in weakening or strengthening the immune system.

Cycles of antibiotics and stress are very important factors as well as poor nutrition, inflammatory foods, lack of sleep and lack of exercise.

What you put in your mouth is the most powerful medication, crowd out inflammatory foods like sugar, dairy, processed foods, gluten etc. Make sure to add wholefoods, nuts, seeds, legumes, whole grains and vegetables to your diet. When choosing to eat meat, go for organic and lean.

Gut health is crucial to boost the immune system since all diseases begin in the gut. The micro biome is made of more than trillion cells that are fed with fibers that we find in plants, so prioritizing a plant-based diet the best way to go as our bowel movements are essential to detoxify our bodies from all the toxins.

Another factor is Stress which is the root cause of most health problems. Any imbalances related to stress will greatly weaken the immune system, therefore managing stress is extremely important. 

 There are three types of stress:

  1. Physical stress: Due to injuries, inflammation, surgeries, food intolerances or inflammatory foods, dehydration etc. 
  1. Environmental stress: Due to toxins, heavy metals, garbage electromagnetics coming from laptops, phones etc.
  1. Emotional stress: Due to anger, traumas, financial problems, relationships, kids, careers etc.

The body reacts the same way to all stressors. It will shut down the digestive system, and cause palpitations and could potentially cause hormone imbalances and infertility. 

Breathing mindfully for 5 minutes every day will help manage the stress. Nature & Earth Grounding can also be helpful.

Sleep is crucial for our immune system. Deep sleep happens when we sleep early before midnight. We are part of nature and should respect the circadian rhythm, this is how we activate and improve immune cells known as the T cells. We should get at least 7-8 hours of sleep every night. 

A clean diet, good sleep and exercise are scientifically proven to strengthen immunity. Prioritize health. You need mindset, discipline and self-love.

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