What is Stress and What can you do about it?

What is Stress and What can you do about it?


When we think of stress we usually think of the mental/emotional type. But stress comes in all shapes and forms... It can be physical (stemming from a physical accident/trauma) or hidden/physiological (hormonal imbalances, gut issues, immune problems...), which is what Berna Khoury focuses on with her clients. 

Regardless of the type of stress our body is equipped to react to stress in a certain way; however, problems begin to occur when we are exposed to stress over prolonged periods.

In this video Berna Khoury explains how the different types of stress can accumulate over time and influence our health and eventually disrupt the body’s normal function.

She also provides you with tools and specific steps through which you can relieve stress by applying these holistic wellness rebuilding principles.

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