Repeat the full circuit 3-4 times with minimal rest in between exercises and up to 1 min break after each round:

Ex 1: Squat to rotating front leg raise x 12 reps (both sides count as 1 rep)
Ex 2: High plank with knee tucks combination x 8 reps (2 crossing the knees reaching the opposite elbows followed by 2 driving the knees out reaching the elbows on the same side count as 1 rep)
Ex 3: Bulgarian split squat with double pulses x 12 reps (each leg)
Ex 4: Incline push-up to 6 alternating mountain climbers x 12 reps
Ex 5: Single leg bridge x 15 (each leg)
Ex 6: Pike shoulder press x 8 reps (easier option: replace by regular push-ups on the floor or decline push-ups using the chair for an extra challenge)
Ex 7: Ballerina back kicks x 30 reps (each leg)
Ex 8: Triceps dip with 2 alternating knee tucks x 10 reps (easier option: you can bend your knees at 90 degrees in your dips
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