Welcome to Mint Basil Market - The Origin Story

Welcome to Mint Basil Market - The Origin Story


Mint Basil Market is our personal commitment to help you be healthy without the hassle.

Our story begins eight years ago when I was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition, that forced me to completely change my diet. It took me years to regain my health, and I spent endless hours researching the products that worked best for me. Despite the challenges, I developed a passion for maintaining my healthy lifestyle in a way that could fit with my very busy schedule.

When I moved to Lebanon almost a year ago, the products I needed existed, but I found myself going to multiple specialty health stores to find everything I needed, and wasting hours of my day. I needed a one-stop shop for all my health product needs.

When I spoke with others about the challenges I had to maintain my health and access natural products, I found that many experienced similar obstacles, even those without chronic conditions that just wanted to be healthier, but didn’t have the time to dedicate to making the right choices. This included my co-founder, Lara. We knew there had to be an easier way.

In late November 2017 Mint Basil Market was born out of a deep passion to make healthy living easier for everyone and provide a wide-range of the best food, cosmetics and household products that fit any healthy lifestyle needs. We searched high and low to find the best products for you to choose from. Since launching our pilot, we’ve learned a lot about all of our customers, and have begun delivering all over Lebanon for free!

We’re excited to be working with some amazing brands based right here in Lebanon who are dedicated and committed to providing high-quality healthy options.

Every week we’ll be adding new brands. Make sure to sign-up on our site to stay updated on new products and special offers! We can’t wait to have you join us as our community grows!


Vanessa Zuabi


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