Your Health & Wellness Is Our Priority

Your Health & Wellness Is Our Priority

The health and wellness of our customers and community in Lebanon is our top priority always, especially now as we face this pandemic together as a community.

We are always here to help you stay healthy and well. As such, we want to relay the precautionary measures we've taken to ensure that you are receiving the best quality of products delivered in the safest and most sanitary conditions possible:

1. We daily clean and sanitize our warehouse. Since we are online only, our warehouse has no exposure to customers (and never did), and is isolated which enables us to control anyone handling the products or even entering onto the premises of our space. We have a high level of control of anything coming in and out.

2. Upon receipt of products from suppliers and before shelving the products, we sanitize each product individually before placing it on our shelves.

3. Any operations staff wear and regularly change gloves and masks.

4. All drivers wear gloves and masks and change them after each delivery.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us. We are always here to support you through this process.

Stay home, stay well!
Healthy wishes always,The MBM Team

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