Delicious Avocado Toast and Greens by Tania Koujou

Delicious Avocado Toast and Greens by Tania Koujou


This is an all day feel-good toast that can be enjoyed anytime with a side dish or salad. Just like bread and butter, this toast gives you pleasure and nourishment at the same time, as it is boosted with some good fat and dark greens!

1 large whole grain toast (sourdough is a great option)

1/2 small avocado

Mix of dark greens: arugula or baby spinach

4 cherry tomatoes cut in halves

Podor pumpkin seed pesto

Sea salt and pepper

The assembly is very basic. You toast the bread until crisp, spread the pesto, add the avocado before finishing with a garnish of greens and tomatoes!

Mint Basil Market Tip: Top with Pumpkin seed oil, Hemp Oil or Flaxseed Oil for an added nutrient boost.

However, the little secret is in the avocado. Do not just add them sliced. What you can do is place half of the avocado on a cutting board and sprinkle generous amount of sea salt and black pepper, using a grinder. Then cut the avocado into chunks. Voila! This will take the avocado cream to a whole new level especially when slathered on a layer of pesto! Enjoy!

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