Eggspectations! By Tamara Qaddoumi

Eggspectations! By Tamara Qaddoumi


Happy birds equal happy bellies!

Getting down to the reliable source of where your eggs are actually coming from isn't always the easiest or trust worthy. Gratefully, Biomass, being one of the first entities to be certified organic in Lebanon since 2007, has officially launched their product with my favorite platform Mint Basil Market! While maintaining their tradition of excellence by promoting organic agriculture, they provide nothing but the highest quality of ingredients! Their happy chickens are cage-free who roam freely within barns or covered chicken coops.  Meaning they have access to the outdoors! Happy chickens indeed.

Now why choose free range?

  • To begin with they are packed with nutrition, holding around 6 grams of protein & high in omega 3 fatty acids.
  • They hold high levels of lutein and zeaxanthin, (which lower your risk of vision loss like macular degeneration later in life).
  • Free range eggs provide healthy doses of Vitamins A, D (more on bone growth), and E. 
  • They also have plenty of choline to support memory and nerve function.
  • Remember that the yolk should be orange & not a pale yellow.
  • Eggs are always my go to savoury option in the morning. Therefore, I’ll be providing you with one of my simple yet favourite gourmet way of making eggs.

Truffle Scramble Recipe:

- 2 eggs/ 1 egg white

- 1 Tbsp of organic almond mylk

- Shredded organic Parmesan cheese (optional or use vegan cheese)

- Garlic salt/pepper

- Chopped chives

- Drizzle of truffle olive oil


Heat the skillet on low heat using 1 tbs of avocado oil (or organic butter/ghee) making sure it disperses evenly around the pan.

Next pour the battered eggs (including 1 tsp of garlic salt/ pepper, chopped chives & almond mylk)

Use spatula to toss and fold the eggs until light, fluffy consistency.

Once cooked to your preferred texture, drizzle generously with truffle oil over some over baked sourdough bread. Sprinkle with more chopped chives.


Tamara Quaddoumi 


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