Mushroom Cacao Latte

Mushroom Cacao Latte

Don't Eat Breakfast? Coffee First? Read this! ☕️

If you’re not a morning eater & simply must have your dose of coffee first thing in the morning I highly encourage making this easy delicious simple latte filled with all the benefits you need to kick off your digestive track the right way.  This simple Mushroom Cacao Latte is the perfect brain food in order to get you through the day without an empty, acidic, jittery tummy. 

Mushroom? You read that right. Its the perfect morning pick me up blood sugar balancing elixir filled with boosting antioxidants, good fat & protein! Luckily, Mint Basil Market got you covered with most of the ingredients to get you started!

Recommended Mushrooms:
CHAGA (antioxidants & immunity boosting)
REISHI (Relaxation & Calmness)
CORDYCEPS (Performance, oxygen flor & adaptogenic)
LION’S MANE ( Brain function & focus)

•1 tsp mushroom powder
•1 tsp maple syrup
•1 tsp cacao powder 

•1 pinch ground cinnamon
•1 pinch Himalayan salt
•1 cup nut mylk ( Almond, Coconut or Cashew mylk)
•1 shot espresso (optional)

Combine mushroom powder, maple, cacao, cinnamon, salt with espresso shot. Mix well. Heat & steam your milk until hot, then pour in your espresso mix. Use a hand froth or milk frother to blend in all ingredients well together. Sprinkle with either cacao or cinnamon powder. Enjoy!

Tamara Qaddoumi - Holistic Health Coach | @thetalkingbirdy






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