Adonis Valley Raw Black Forest Honey



The crown of the Adonis Valley production: Every spring and summer, bees run the wild fields of the valley and come back with essence of Oak Trees, Oregano, Thymus, Sage, and at least 10 other unique medicinal plants.

The result is a black, dense honey with a soft taste. It is an organic honey rich in minerals, enzymes, and pollen, and is considered raw because it is neither filtered nor heated. This honey is collected once a year during August.

Ingredients: Raw Forest Honey

Origin: Lebanon 

Values: Organic, No Additives, No Preservatives, No Added Sugar


Homemade Granola

Strawberry Almond Granola

How to Use: Black honey is considered therapeutic, so consume one spoon with an empty stomach every morning. Also use a healthy natural sweetener. 

About Adonis Valley:

From our hometown of Fatri, in the heart of Adonis Valley, we bring you certified organic authentic foods produced in our farmhouse following authentic Lebanese and Mediterranean recipes and using raw materials from traditional organic agriculture.