Ashtarout Arak


Apple Arak. Mix with water using 1/3 Arak and 2/3 Water or 1/2 Arak and 1/2 Water.

Benefits consist of:

1.Accelerates Blood flow
2.cures rashes
3.Keeps wounds sterile
4.Keeps you warm
5.Strengthens your body
6.Strengthens heart as well
7.Prevents nervous clotting
8.Treats sleeping disorder
9.Stress relief
10.Heals acne
11.clears the skin
Consume safely and moderately

Ingredients: Golden apples, double red apples, granny smith apples, starking apples and Lebanese Anise.

Storage: Store in an environment not too damp nor too hot

Shelf Life: Stable if it is properly sealed, meaning an indefinte shelf life

About Ashtarout Arak

Apple Arak triple distilled from Akoura apples and Lebanese anise seeds