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Ayem Zamen Organic Honey


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Ayem Zamen Organic Honey (450g)

Did you know?

Ayem Zamen honey is produced by bees that have resided in West Bekaa in Kale'et Nemer for over 11 years at an altitude of 1,200m and 12km away from the nearest residence. Throughout the year, bees feed on wild flower thistles and oregano and produce this delicious organic honey.

Ingredients: Wild Oregano & Thistle Honey

Origin: Lebanon

Values: Organic, Paleo, Immunity Boosting, No Added Sugar, No Additives, No Preservatives

About Ayem Zamen:

Ayem Zamen is a certified organic Lebanese producer of poultry meat, eggs, whole grains, thyme, flour, oil, and honey grown and harvested on their organic farms in West Bekaa and Saida.