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Badass Vegan Melty Cheez


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Ingredients: Rice + Nutritional Yeast + Tapioca Flour + Rosemary + Garlic Powder + Chili Flakes + Chili Powder + Olive Oil + Himalayan Salt < preserved with coconut oil >

Melty Cheez, made from rice, is a healthy alternative for white cheese used for pizza, cooking, or creamy thick sauces. Microwave jar for 30 seconds to melt the coconut oil on top, mix it all in and enjoy!

Values: Vegan, Lactose & Egg Free, Dairy Free

About Badass Vegan Cookies:

Because the whole gang is VEGAN AF, DELICIOUS AND SIMPLY EPIC!
No Milk + No Eggs = No BullS**t!
Designed for humans!
*Suitable for non vegans*