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Batroun Mountains Arak 7


Arak7 is made with grape spirits triple distilled in-house with fresh natural aniseed. Using the latest distillation technic available to produce fresh, clean and complex aromas, combined with a rich and smooth taste. To enjoy, simply dilute one part Arak to two parts water or if you like it stronger one and half part water then add ice.

Distilled Spirit with anisseeds 100% Natural
50% alc./vol.

About Batroun Mountains: 

Batroun Mountains is a family owned and operated winery dedicated to crafting wines that reflect the values of the Hark family. At Batroun Mountains, the family focuses on each step of the wine making process, believing that a quality bottle of wine is made in the vineyard and not in the winery. The grapes in each of the six Batroun Mountains vineyards are carefully selected from the finest quality estate grown organically certified grapes, in order to guarantee the excellence of the final product. Batroun Mountains winery is a family adventure, where each individual has a role in either the growing, producing, bottling or marketing stages of wine making.