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Batroun Mountains Arak Blue


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Arak Blue is made with grape spirits triple distilled in-house with fresh natural aniseed. Using the latest distillation technics available to produce fresh, clean, and complex aromas, combined with a rich and smooth taste. This traditional drink has complemented Mediterranean cuisines for centuries.

Alcohol Volume: 65% alc./vol.

Ingredients: Distilled Grape Spirit, Aniseed

Origin: Lebanon

Values: No Additives, No Preservatives

How to Use: To enjoy, simply dilute 1 part Arak into 2 parts water (or 1.5 parts water if you like it stronger). Add ice, and enjoy!

About Batroun Mountains: 

Batroun Mountains is a family owned and operated winery dedicated to crafting wines that reflect the values of the Hark family. The family focuses on each step of the wine making process, believing that a quality bottle of wine is made in the vineyard and not in the winery. The grapes in each vineyard are carefully selected from the finest quality estate-grown and organic certified grapes, in order to guarantee the excellence of the final product.