Clear Space All Purpose Cleaner


Experience the cleaning power of natural ingredients to clean and degrease dirt and grime in and around your home, without the use of chemicals that leave harsh residues and fumes. Made with natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals, it is perfect for cleaning just about anything around the house, without harming yourself, you kids and pets, or the environment. 

Ingredients: Potassium Oleate, Sage and Rosemary Water, Rosemary and Lavender Essential Oils

Origin: Lebanon

Values: Cruelty Free, No Fragrances, No Chemicals, No Additives

How to Use: Add 100mL to 2L of water. Can be used to clean floors, carpets, and even toilets.

Soft on skin, no gloves required. Do not mix with other cleaning agents.

Storage Tips: Store in a cool dry place, away from direct light.

Shelf Life: 1 year

About Clear Space

Clear Space offers a line of all natural, locally-made cleaning products for your home. Our products are thoughtfully formulated with honey, plant-derived ingredients, and essential oils. By using Clear Space, you are advocating against toxic pollution and animal cruelty, and pledging your eternal connection to mother earth.