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Cosmo Naturel Bambino Wild Strawberry Toothpaste


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This toothpaste has been specially developed for children (but can still be used by the whole family). Formulated with gentle active ingredients, enriched with lemon balm extract, known for its soothing properties, it does not attack and preserves the gums.

Moreover, its pleasant taste, obtained thanks to a natural strawberry flavor, makes it a toothpaste particularly appreciated by children. Thanks to its natural formula and without fluoride, it does not present any risk in case of ingestion.

Ingredients: water, calcium carbonate (mild exfoliating agent), vegetable glycerin, lemon balm floral water * (soothing), anti-cavity foaming agent
derived from copra, natural strawberry flavor.

About Cosmo Naturel: 

Gravier Laboratory has always controlled the manufacturing of its products, from formulation to release on the market. Particular care is given to each step of the manufacturing process, as well as to the quality of raw materials, selected with the best producers. Gravier Laboratory can therefore offer high quality products, entirely natural and organic, certified AB/Nature & Progrès and One Voice.