Darmmess Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Brand Darmmess

Developed for a niche market of connoisseurs, Darmmess is a high phenolic, high antioxidant medium-intensity premium extra virgin olive oil.

  • Silver Category of High Phenolic / High Antioxidant Oils
  • International Awards Winner
  • Early Harvest
  • Traceable & Monovarietal
  • First Cold Extracted
  • Very Low Acidity, Peroxides, & Waxes

Aroma: A pleasant EVOO with medium olive fruitiness that evokes green olives. Its bouquet is definite, with traces of tomato, green tea, cut grass, and herbs. Nice and rounded on the palate, sweet entry of pungency, and bitter. Complex taste, radish, green pepper, hazelnut, and chicory at the end.

Taste: Medium pungency, medium bitterness, and medium green fruitiness. Well balanced EVOO

Acidity: Low Acidity at 0.16% (Max. 0.8%), High Polyphenols at 620mg/kg. Olive oil polyphenols contribute to the protection of blood lipids from oxidative stress. The higher the concentration of phenolic compounds, the greater the potential health benefits.

Collection Period: Early October 2021

Traceability: Every bottle has a lot a number indicating the exact harvest date, farmer initials, and territory code.

Ingredients: 100% Souri Unripe Green Olives

Origin: Deir Mimas Village, Lebanon

Values: Vegan, Keto, Paleo, Immunity Boosting, Diabetes Friendly, No Additives, No Preservatives

How to Use: Rich and very well balanced in terms of taste between the pungent, the bitter, and the fruity, it pleases all palates. Enjoy it on salads, steamed vegetables, in soups, fish, meat, and Mediterranean mezze.

Recommendation: A daily dose of 2 tablespoons helps you prevent and potentially
reverse various chronic diseases such as Cancer, Alzheimer, Strokes, Inflammations, Premature Aging, Depression, Dementia, High Blood Pressure, and Bad Cholesterol.

Storage Tips: Keep in a cool, dry place away from direct  light.

Shelf Life: 24 months from harvest date.

About Darmmess:

Darmmess Lebanese Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes exclusively from Deir Mimas, Southern Lebanon. A small village of unspoiled beauty and authenticity, overlooking the Litani river, neighboring Beaufort castle built by the crusaders, and hosting the historic Mar Mema monastery. This hidden jewel is a prized destination for tourists and home to 6,000 inhabitants, 130,000 ancient olive trees (up to 2,000 years old), four olive mills, and six churches.