Jar Thuraya Carob Indulgence

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Jar Thuraya Carob Indulgence, prepared following the recipe of Heidi Abi Rached from Wadi Chahrour.

Did you know?

Inspired by Lebanon's most prominent dessert, Debs and Tahini, this creamy spread has an orange blossom scent and is filled with crushed roasted almonds to enrich its texture and aroma.

Ingredients: Carob, Orange Blossom, Tahini, Roasted Almonds

Origin: Lebanon

Values: Vegan, Immunity Boosting, No Additives, No Preservatives, Non-GMO

How to Use: Best served with fresh fruits or pancakes, or used as a pastry filling.

Recommendation: Add a generous sprinkle over labneh or yogurt, hummus and olive, or lentil soup or vegetables.  

About Jar Thuraya:

Jar Thuraya connects people to tradition by offering gourmet food inspired by Lebanese traditional cuisine and made from local raw materials. Our products are handcrafted by women in agriculture and with culinary skills from all around Lebanon to empower and help them become independent. We believe that good food means happiness - and we’re serving it in a jar!