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Kernel Lait Parfumé (Perfumed Cream) - Hands & Body


Brand Kernel

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Made with shea butter, organic coconut oil, castor oil and vitamin E, this incredibly rich and nourishing cream provides a super-effective barrier to lock in moisture and keep irritants out of damaged skin. It’s 100% natural and made with organic plant-based ingredients.

Did you know?

Rich in fatty acids and unsaponifiable, shea butter is an ideal beauty ingredient that has been used for centuries by women in Sub-Saharan Africa to nourish and protect their skin and hair. The international success of shea butter products can be shared with several thousand Burkinabé women, who are committed to developing a sustainable, fair trade shea butter supply chain.

Ingredients:  Raw Shea Butter*


Origin: Lebanon

Values: Organic, Paraben-Free, Sulfates-Free, No Chemicals, No Additives

How to Use: Suitable for sensitive skin and those prone to eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis.

About Kernel Organics:

Kernel is an organic skincare line formulated with 100% natural and fresh ingredients. Each bottle is enriched with organic, cold pressed carrier oils, infused with the finest essential oils and pure flower extracts. Kernel uses the best blends of rare vegetable oils and premium essential oils for topical serums.