L'Atelier Du Miel Eucalyptus Beirut


Within one of the few preserved green areas of Beirut, the Beirut forest is abundant with eucalyptus and wild summer flowers which ensure the creation of a sweet honey much favored by cooks as well as by tea and coffee lovers.

This honey has many therapeutic virtues and is a reputed lung, urinary and intestinal antiseptic. It can be used to calm coughs and ease breathing and, mixed with lemon in hot tea, is particularly favored in the fight against the common cold.

About L'Atelier Du Miel:

L'Atelier du Miel is a brand and boutique solely dedicated to honey and honey-based products. L'Atelier du Miel is committed to producing pure honey with only natural methods. It shares its passion for beekeeping by proposing more than 30 different types of honey it produces in Lebanon and those produced by its international partners, as well as a variety of honey-based products.