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MIŠCA Stuffed Dates Box


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Premium Anbari Dates filled with a variety of Mišca Spreads.

Ingredients: Khudri Dates, Mišca Smooth Peanut Spread, Mišca Creamy Almond Spread, Mišca Creamy Espresso Cashew Spread

Values: Vegan, No Additives, No Preservatives

Storage Tips: Store at ambient temperature. 

Shelf Life: 5 Months

About MIŠCA Spreads:

Made of high-quality ingredients, carefully roasted, ground, and put together in a masterful blend that can’t be matched in taste or true nut authenticity, MIŠCA Spreads is a brand for gourmet plant-based spreads transporting an exquisite taste of the healthy benefits of fruits and nuts carefully embodied in creatively elaborated formulas.