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Mum's Chips Crispy Baked Apple Chips - The Original Red


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I am a red apple, sliced and baked. Simple.

Born and raised in Lebanon by local farmers, I am known for my exceptional taste and great nutrients! I am 100% baked, without any added oils, sugars, or preservatives.

So, if you are looking for a tasty, healthy, locally-made, and guilt-free snack, go ahead, PICK ME UP!

Ingredients: Red Apples

Origin: Lebanon

Values: Vegan, Oil-Free, No Added Sugar, No Additives, No Preservative

About Mum’s Chips:

Our story begins with local farmers who grow the most nutritious and delicious apples across Lebanon. The apple family in Lebanon is large, and farmers face big challenges in selling all their tasty fruits. This is where Mum’s Chips steps in, to create growth opportunities for our local apple farmers. Mum’s Chips was born and raised in Lebanon by local farmers!