Nabat Natural Xylitol


Brand Nabat

Nabat’s Xylitol is a natural plant-based sweetener with a pure sugary taste. With 75% fewer carbs and 40% fewer calories than conventional sugar, along with a low glycemic index, it’s an ideal ingredient for sugar-sensitive and Keto-friendly diets. This natural sweetener is sourced from Birch Trees and is similar to sugar in measurement, appearance, and taste. 

Ingredients: Organic Xylitol

How to Use: Xylitol is a perfect natural substitute for sugar which can be used for sweetening tea, coffee, baked goods, and more.

About Nabat Organic:

Nabat Organic, certified by IMC, is the leading Non-GMO certified organic food and ingredients provider. Nabat aims to provide premium organic and macrobiotic products for a healthier lifestyle.