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Naturalia Organic Red Kidney Beans


Brand Naturalia

Naturalia Organic Red Kidney Beans

Did you know?

When combined with whole grains such rice, red kidney beans provide virtually fat-free high quality protein.

Ingredients: Red Kidney Beans

Origin: China

Values: Organic, Vegan, No Additives, No Preservatives

How to Use: Especially good in simmered dishes where they absorb the flavors and seasonings of other foods. Cover with water, bring the beans to a boil and simmer, partially covering the pot. Do not add any salty or acidic seasoning until after the beans have been cooked. Soaking overnight will reduce cooking time.

About Naturalia:

Naturalia brings out the best of nature into your plate, providing you with the finest that nature has to offer, from organic wholegrain cereals to vegan and gluten-free foods, superfoods, and so much more!