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NHCO Aqualyse Fraise - Concentrated Detoxifying Cleanser


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Combines 20 active ingredients including a milk thistle extract which helps the detoxification of the body, N-acetyl-cysteine and Chlorella. It also includes mate contributing to the elimination through a draining action and choline promoting a normal hepatic function.

A detoxifying treatment
– for the proper functioning of the body.
Some of our organs are the filters of our body. Among them, the liver, neutralizing certain substances and metabolizes food, and the kidneys, involved in water balance. Age and lifestyles may reduce their ability to function properly.
– accompanied by a weight loss program.
During weight loss, molecules stored in the body are released in the body and can damage cells by producing free radicals. Natural substances protect from oxidative stress and are essential in order to neutralize them.

The NHCO Nutrition Laboratories has developed AQUALYSE™, a concentrated drink with 20 active ingredients to help reinvigorate bodily functions.

- N-Detoxyl™ complex is an exclusive combination of milk thistle and dandelion root helping detoxify the body, amino acids and chlorella which contribute to the elimination of the heavy metals.
- Lip-aOx™ complex contains vitamins C and E which protect cells from oxidative stress produced by free radicals, and choline to promote a normal hepatic function.
- 3D-Pure™ contains recognized plants for draining, such as quackgrass root, which contribute to the renal clearance of water.
- Lymphactiv concentrate sweet clover with favor a good circulation
- Green tea favors the contribute to the elimination of the fat. With the mate plant, they also have a detoxifying action.

Expiration Date: March 31, 2022

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