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Nuzest Clean Lean Protein Real Coffee


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Clean Lean Protein is not just any protein; it comes from the highest quality European Golden Peas and is the most potent of all vegetable proteins. Most importantly, it contains ALL your essential amino acids and is really easy to digest - meaning no more bloating and no more discomfort.

Ingredients: Pea Protein isolate, coffee powder, cocoa powder, natural vanilla flavor, Natural sweetener (Thaumatin*), natural coffee flavor

Usage: 2 scoops in 300 ml of water.

Values: Natural, Vegan, Suitable for paleo, Suitable for children, Allergen Free, Soy Free, Dairy Free, Nut Free, Egg Free, No Fillers, No additives or Preservatives, No Added Sugars.

Origin: Made in New Zealand 

About Nuzest: 

Led by nature, and backed by science, Nuzest products are designed to give your body what it needs to balance the demands of your busy life.

We believe that a good diet is the foundation for great health. But even with the best intentions, the modern-day food chain isn’t giving you the nutrition you need for optimal health and vitality. What you need is a little help from your friends.

At Nuzest we use plant-based ingredients – the purest and most potent source of nutrition – to give you a powerful and well-balanced mix of essential vitamins and minerals.

Our products are created with highly accredited natural health experts from across the world. And because we want to ensure they’re continually evolving, our formulae are regularly reviewed and improved, so our products not only deliver a boost for today – they give you nutrition for life.