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Saboonetna Liquid Soap - Original


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Saboonetna is an all-natural soap made from Pure Olive Oil in Liquid form.
It is suitable for Hair, Body & Hand Wash.

About Saboonetna:
This idea began in the midst of the pandemic, but also with the current crisis our country is going through.

The reason why this product is different is because there is a story behind it.   
A story of a woman, in her 70s who loves working and creating new business ideas.
This woman in specific, saw her Lebanon going into crisis and merged her passion for flowers & agriculture to an actual market need.

This concept was created by combining two different Generations.
One generation with the know-how of agriculture and gardening and the other with the know-how of modern business models.
Combining both experiences, an affordable, local & organic soap based on the Saboon Balade was established.