TEARAPY Sugar Resistance Tea


Brand Tearapy

TEARAPY Sugar Resistance Tea, with its exceptional natural taste and aroma, consists of various functional herbs fueled by antioxidants and minerals that helps you stay healthy and active by:

  • Boosting Sugar Metabolism
  • Decreasing Insulin Resistance
  • Maintaining a Healthy Blood Sugar Level
  • Aiding in Weight Loss

Ingredients: Basil, Olive Leaf, Black Tea, Cinnamon, Turmeric

Black Tea is considered a therapeutic agent against type 1 diabetes. Research found that long-term black tea intake is associated with reduced levels of fasting blood glucose and lower prevalence of diabetes.

Cinnamon Bark shows good results in lowering blood sugar and fighting diabetes by increasing insulin sensitivity.

Research found that Olive Leaf, and ‘’ethanol’’ found in Basil, help manage blood glucose level.

‘’Curcumin’’ a polyphenolic antioxidant derived from Turmeric, helps in preventing diabetes symptoms.


TEARAPY™ creates new usage of herbal teas to help people preserve their health, prevent unexpected diseases, and protect any future health symptoms in a natural way. Ages ago, herbs were used by our ancestors as a cure and protection against many diseases. It is part of our Lebanese tradition and our grandparents always believed that “there was no disease that could not be cured by herbs”.