TEARAPY Tension Fall Tea

By Tearapy


TEARAPY Tension Fall Tea, with its unique natural taste and aroma, consists of various functional herbs rich in antioxidants and minerals that helps you stay active and healthy by:

  • Helping Maintain Healthy Blood Pressure
  • Helping Maintain Health Cholesterol Levels
  • Supporting the Cardiovascular System
  • Being Rich in Antioxidants, Potassium, and Magnesium

Ingredients: Hibiscus, Fennel Seeds, Chamomile, Nettle Leaf, Olive Leaf, Rosemary

Did you know?

Hibiscus is a good source of "Anthoncyanins" which helps regulate elevated blood pressure.

Olive Leaf is loaded with "Oleuropein" a great antioxidant known for its blood pressure-lowering effect and lipid lowering levels.

Rich in Potassium and Magnesium, Fennel Seeds help reduce high blood pressure by increasing the production of urine in the body which in turn stimulates blood circulation.

Chamomile is commonly known as a sleep inducer. Its calming effect is attributed to its richness in antioxidants, specifically "Apigenin".

Nettle Leaf and Rosemary contain phenolic compounds with diuretic properties that aid in reducing blood pressure. Additionally, "Nervine:’ found in Rosemary lowers stress hormone levels and promotes calm.

Origin: Lebanon

Values: Vegan, Immunity Boosting, No Added Sugar, No Additives, No Preservatives

How to Use: Infuse 1 pyramid tea bag in 250mL of hot water. Keep the tea bag steeping while drinking. Do not boil the sachet or put in the microwave. 

Warning: Consult your healthcare provider prior to use if you are pregnant or nursing, taking any medication, or have a medical condition.


Developed by certified tea expert and licensed nutritionist, TEARAPY is the first functional tea that developed various herbal blends tailored to special health needs through the natural power of its natural ingredients. TEARAPY creates new usage of herbal teas to help people preserve their health, prevent unexpected diseases, and protect any future health symptoms in a natural way.