The Good Thymes Classic Mix


The most typical of all Lebanese staple foods, the good old traditional zaatar mix is as delicious as always in a “aarous” with a healthy drizzle of olive oil, or on a homemade man’ousheh.

Ingredients: Zaatar, Sumac, Sesame Seeds, Sea Salt

Values: Vegetarian, Vegan, KETO, All Natural, No Artificial Colors or Flavors, No Additives, No Preservatives.

Storage Tips: keep in cool, dark and dry place.

Origin: Made in Lebanon


Middle Eastern Spiced Salad

About The Good Thymes: 

Inspired by the cherished authentic savors of Lebanon's countryside, we have assembled a vibrant and fresh collection of herbal mixes, all based on our national flavorful thyme and seasoned with an array of endemic wild herbs, seeds and spices.

In our quest for a grade A product, we have decided to tame the wild zaatar and grow it on the fertile flanks of Kfar-Houne and its surroundings in Jezzine. When the thyme is right, and handpick the twigs, sort and dry the aromatic flowers and leaves, then blend them with natural ingredients.