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Yerba Prima Psyllium Husk


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Psyllium Whole Husks is an high quality cleansing dietary fiber for promoting regularity and supporting heart health. Extensive research has shown that psyllium husks help maintain normal cholesterol levels, including a proper balance of HDL and LDL cholesterol.

In addition, psyllium sweeps waste and toxins more quickly out of the body, so toxins are not reabsorbed from the colon back into the bloodstream. Psyllium husks can be taken either with or between meals, and when used in recommended amounts should not interfere with absorption of vitamins and other nutrients. 

About Yerba Prima:

Yerba Prima has continued to develop, manufacture and market a range of dietary fiber and internal cleansing products that are of the highest quality, are natural and that respond to the needs of health conscious individuals. Yerba Prima is dedicated to producing the highest quality products, that provide real benefits to the consumer and are safe for people to use